Shadowrun 2073

The Heist

Will put details here later. basically, team decides to make money by doing and funding their own run. they hit mitsuhama and target stealing some drones. Mission works out fine at start but noisier and more devastating than originally planned. Lots of bystanders killed and in broad daylight.

Combat is almost finished but there is still the part of extracting the contents

Birds of Prey
  • The team rest and recuperates, as well as doing work to offload all the things they looted from their enemies
  • Some of the team, led by Echo, decides to sell not only gear, but also to sell used cyberware and bioware, and even body parts
  • They make a deal with Mr. Varys, Echo’s fixer, to expand and dispose of the used body ware for a price. They agree to a lower price and bigger commission as long as he does the job.
  • With the money they make, they repair the citymaster, and establish their own base of operations
  • They decide to call themselves the BBC, the Blue Blood Crew or simply the Blue Bloods.
  • With everybody doing their own thing, Echo, Domina and Atalanta wants to take the bunker they saw and take over the gang, knowing it now does not have leadership.
  • They make a plan and execute it. The 3 girls decide to rent a plane and use Wing Suits to fly onto the top of the target building during a rainy night. Hodor joins the last minute and is told to enter from the sewers as their backup
  • They execute the plan perfectly and manage to have a talk with the current leader of the Ravagers after they kill so many of them effortlessly
  • They make an agreement with them that now own the gang, but they will now protect them and help them grow and be stronger including recovering the lost territories the past few days. They convince them and it remains to be seen how things will turn out with this new arrangement
  • The gang now renames itself to the Blue Blood Gang
  • The fight continues and the team successfully takes down the 3 choppers with minimal damage except to the citymaster.
  • All the enemies are killed except for Rancor and Ravage. Rancor escapes and kills Ravage to ensure no info will be disclosed
  • The team calls a chopper to pick up the citymaster and bring it to its destination and to avoid the gangers on the way back to the city
  • They successfully drop of the package and are congratulated by the people who hired them
  • Billy the Kid is happy with their performance and tells them they are in and will be receiving more jobs from him.
  • The team gets paid and they now try to figure out what direction to take with their new team
  • The team’s convoy now composed of the captured Citymaster, Van and ATV speed off deeper into Puyallup
  • The escaped Ravage brought the corporate strike team they were meeting to recover the package. They had 2 Wasps and 1 Stallion. The Stallion was filled with a corporate strike team and their leader, Rancor
  • A fight ensues
  • The players plan and do more recon to know which is the best way to go with regards to the ambush
  • They find out that there will be 3 convoys, with 2 of them being decoys.
  • They don’t know the exact route but by extrapolating from the maps and intel, they figured which one was most probable to be the route to be taken.
  • They decide to hire a demo expert to help them with their ambush since they had none of their own. They managed to hire a demo expert runner named Boom Boom
  • They execute a successful ambush with some very cinematic acts of bravery/stupidity, but it all works out in the end
  • They kill most of everybody in the convoy but Ravage and the combat mage escape in the confusion
  • They find the package in the Citymaster and they take it over. They then speed off deeper into Puyallups to avoid the other convoy reaching them
The Date (Legwork)
  • The next batch of Shadowrunners arrive who was tasked to provide assistance to the first batch of runners. They include Echo, Casanova, and Ronin.
  • Team surveys and does a stakeout on the Ravager hq. They learn that there is a secure bunker in the building.
  • They decide the best way to get legitimate info is to get it from one of the leaders of the gang. They target the weapons master of the team, an orc named __________.
  • Casanova goes in to seduce the orc, drug him and then mind probe him in the club and make him think the whole thing was just part of a drunken stupor.
  • Run was success and they get info about the bunker, the enemy team leading the gang, and that the gang will be transporting the package to an unknown location in the puyallup barrens in 2 days.
  • Team decides to ambush the convoy before it reaches its destination instead of assaulting bunker.
The Gathering

Short Version before i write everything properly

  • Each runner was contacted by their specific mr. johnson or fixer
  • First batch of runners included Atalanta, Hodor, Domina, Bishop, D’aerlan, Vega and Gaelic Whiz
  • They were to meet a mr. johnson by the docks
  • They meet Mr. Johnson, a former shadowrunner that Atalanta has run with in the past
  • The PCs are asked to rescue a woman named Victoria Meyerdome from a gang named the Ravagers
  • The husband, Lance Meyerdome is there also to ask them to rescue her. If she is found dead, recover body or at the very least, recover data in her head by putting in a data chip given to them.
  • A watcher is assigned to join them to monitor them, street name Warchild
  • The team agrees and use Atalanta’s condo as a temporary hideout to discuss the run.
  • Legwork is started as they gather info about the target, location and opposition



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