Shadowrun 2073


  • The players plan and do more recon to know which is the best way to go with regards to the ambush
  • They find out that there will be 3 convoys, with 2 of them being decoys.
  • They don’t know the exact route but by extrapolating from the maps and intel, they figured which one was most probable to be the route to be taken.
  • They decide to hire a demo expert to help them with their ambush since they had none of their own. They managed to hire a demo expert runner named Boom Boom
  • They execute a successful ambush with some very cinematic acts of bravery/stupidity, but it all works out in the end
  • They kill most of everybody in the convoy but Ravage and the combat mage escape in the confusion
  • They find the package in the Citymaster and they take it over. They then speed off deeper into Puyallups to avoid the other convoy reaching them



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