Shadowrun 2073

Birds of Prey

  • The team rest and recuperates, as well as doing work to offload all the things they looted from their enemies
  • Some of the team, led by Echo, decides to sell not only gear, but also to sell used cyberware and bioware, and even body parts
  • They make a deal with Mr. Varys, Echo’s fixer, to expand and dispose of the used body ware for a price. They agree to a lower price and bigger commission as long as he does the job.
  • With the money they make, they repair the citymaster, and establish their own base of operations
  • They decide to call themselves the BBC, the Blue Blood Crew or simply the Blue Bloods.
  • With everybody doing their own thing, Echo, Domina and Atalanta wants to take the bunker they saw and take over the gang, knowing it now does not have leadership.
  • They make a plan and execute it. The 3 girls decide to rent a plane and use Wing Suits to fly onto the top of the target building during a rainy night. Hodor joins the last minute and is told to enter from the sewers as their backup
  • They execute the plan perfectly and manage to have a talk with the current leader of the Ravagers after they kill so many of them effortlessly
  • They make an agreement with them that now own the gang, but they will now protect them and help them grow and be stronger including recovering the lost territories the past few days. They convince them and it remains to be seen how things will turn out with this new arrangement
  • The gang now renames itself to the Blue Blood Gang



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