Shadowrun 2073

The Date (Legwork)

  • The next batch of Shadowrunners arrive who was tasked to provide assistance to the first batch of runners. They include Echo, Casanova, and Ronin.
  • Team surveys and does a stakeout on the Ravager hq. They learn that there is a secure bunker in the building.
  • They decide the best way to get legitimate info is to get it from one of the leaders of the gang. They target the weapons master of the team, an orc named __________.
  • Casanova goes in to seduce the orc, drug him and then mind probe him in the club and make him think the whole thing was just part of a drunken stupor.
  • Run was success and they get info about the bunker, the enemy team leading the gang, and that the gang will be transporting the package to an unknown location in the puyallup barrens in 2 days.
  • Team decides to ambush the convoy before it reaches its destination instead of assaulting bunker.



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