Shadowrun 2073

The Gathering

Short Version before i write everything properly

  • Each runner was contacted by their specific mr. johnson or fixer
  • First batch of runners included Atalanta, Hodor, Domina, Bishop, D’aerlan, Vega and Gaelic Whiz
  • They were to meet a mr. johnson by the docks
  • They meet Mr. Johnson, a former shadowrunner that Atalanta has run with in the past
  • The PCs are asked to rescue a woman named Victoria Meyerdome from a gang named the Ravagers
  • The husband, Lance Meyerdome is there also to ask them to rescue her. If she is found dead, recover body or at the very least, recover data in her head by putting in a data chip given to them.
  • A watcher is assigned to join them to monitor them, street name Warchild
  • The team agrees and use Atalanta’s condo as a temporary hideout to discuss the run.
  • Legwork is started as they gather info about the target, location and opposition




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