Warchild's "Zeus" (Custom Sawed-off .50 Cal Sniper Rifle)

Custom weapon of Warchild

weapon (ranged)

This was originally a Barret Model 121 Heavy Sniper Rifle but was customized to be more compact. Sacrificing range for mobility, the gun’s barrel was sawed-off to as little as possible. This cut the range by more than 50% but now the weapon is just as big as an M4. It’s ranges have also been cut down to assault rifle range but the recoil is now like a heavy weapon. Any uncompensated recoil is counted as double.

The gun had an integral smartgun link, Bipod and integral silencer. It was further modified to have a Chameleon Coating, Barrel Reduction, Personalized Grip, Improved Ranged Finder and Additional Clip. It also had the following accessories installed: Safe Target System, Shock Pad, Advanced Safety system and Imaging Scope (Ultrasound, Vision Magnification)


Warchild's "Zeus" (Custom Sawed-off .50 Cal Sniper Rifle)

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